HOUSTON (KTRK) — Over the years, Houston has had some shocking murder cases. After the case is tried, all that evidence gets locked up in Harris County’s evidence room.

Not a lot of people get to come into the evidence room which is located in downtown Houston. At first glance, a lot of stuff looks like something you may find in your garage. But it’s more than that. Everything inside is from a real crime scene.

One item includes the stiletto shoe Ana Trujillo used to kill her lover.

There’s the burned out stove babysitter Jessica Tata left on in 2011, killing four children and injuring three others.

And there’s the door from the David Temple case in 1999. He was the former Katy football coach convicted of killing his pregnant wife.

Not everything in the evidence room is a murder weapon. There’s also a broom and mop, which were both used to ‘clean up’ crimes.

It doesn’t matter how long ago a case happened. The evidence from it is now saved. That’s important because a case could be reopened. DNA evidence from this same room helped release a wrongly convicted man from prison in 2009.